The Weinmeister Berlin

The Weinmeister and its partner hotel Lux Eleven are top hotels in Berlin. With its 84 rooms, The Weinmeister focuses on travellers working within the film, music, fashion and other creative businesses but is also suitable for „weekender“. Our philosophy is to be different than other top hotels in Berlin and to concentrate on relaxation, comfort, 24/7 service and stylish rooms. The furniture in our rooms are the centre of attention with its huge beds we want you to lay back, relax and enjoy. Instead of TV’s each of our rooms are equipped with Apple iMacs which opens up an opportunity to our guests to explore the modern vibe of the hotel and the high technology it has to offer. The 6th floor building with its elegant frosted golden face is lovingly called „Golden Cage“. Of all the top hotels Berlin offers, only The Weinmeister offers this unique combination of facilities.

In the inside of our top hotel we play with contrasts. Seriousity but also playfulness with a selection of „masculine“ tones & luxurious, warm colors and material. Our roof top terrace has fantastic views overlooking the entire city. On the same floor we have our Beauty Spa where you can enjoy massages, facials and a lot of other treatments too whilst enjoying the views over Berlin. In our „Schwarz-Bar“ bar on the ground floor, named after the famour German actress Jessica Schwarz we serve a homemade herbal liquer which is a secret recipe from her family. Our lounge offers a small selection of food, how we know it from home. Breakfast is available throughout the day. What more could you expect from top hotels in Berlin?

Mehrwerte für Mitglieder

Durch die Zusammenarbeit mit unserem Partner "The Weinmeister Berlin" ergeben sich für unsere Mitglieder folgende Vorteile:

  • Rabatt auf die Best available rate
  • Garantiertes upgrade in die nächsthöhere Kategorie
  • Early check in 12:00 Uhr
  • Late check out 15:00 Uhr
  • Rabatt auf Facials im beautySpa im The Weinmeister – (auch für Gäste aus dem Lux Eleven)
  • Kostenfreie Nutzung vom Health & Fitnessclub Holmes Place am Gendarmenmarkt –