1. The HONourables Golf & Business Cup

All traditions have one thing in common: they’ve all been new at some time! 18th July 2013 saw the first The HONourables Golf & Business Cup, where over 60 golfers out of the total of 80 guests battled to win the Cup and many other exclusive prizes from our sponsors – to whom our warmest thanks go once again. Sunshine, summer breezes and glorious panoramic views, together with the many assistants from St. Eurach Country and Golf Club (LGC) and the HONourables Team, ensured that the conditions for golfing were simply perfect. Here are the first impressions. All participants, members and friends of The HONourables Business and Lifestyle Network will receive all the pictures to download during the coming week. We would like to thank all the participants that helped to make our tournament such an unforgettable day of golfing, and look forward to our next joint activities!

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3. The HONourables Nine & Dine Tournament 2013

The third HONourables Nine & Dine Tournament proved that 13 has a completely undeserved reputation for being unlucky! 13 participants from the HONourables & friends experienced a lively and sociable 9-hole tournament at the course of St. Eurach Country and Golf Club (LGC). Afterwards, synergies between key decision-makers from a variety of sectors were built far into the evening.
And while the golfers delivered some pretty impressive results, the attending non-golfers watched, took note, and gained a taste for the sport.

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1. The HONourables Nine & Dine Tournament 2013

The HONourables Nine & Dine
Friday 3 May 2013 was the occasion of the first The HONourables Nine & Dine 9-Hole After Work Golf Tournament at LGC St. Eurach. Despite changeable weather, 14 golfers took part in the first of six tournaments in the series. Our warm congratulations go to the winners for their prizes, and our thanks go to the Club and its catering staff for the excellent organisation and delicious cuisine that added the perfect finishing touch to the evening. In the pleasant, relaxed setting of the clubhouse, golfers talked shop and expanded their business networks late into the evening.

The next event is Friday 7 June 2013.

We look forward to numerous entries and another delightful tournament.

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