The heritage and DNA of The HONourables Business and Lifestyle Network extends back to HON Golf Club e.V. and is rooted in that organisation’s traditions and values, synonymous with excellence and exclusivity for the past 28 years.

As a historic brand, The HONourables has built on these traditional values while also incorporating the needs of a new generation of decision-makers, spanning successful company founders, freelancers, executives and personalities from the worlds of industry, business, sport, media, culture and entertainment. Enhanced by the new values infused by this development, it continues under the title of The HONourables Business and Lifestyle Network.

Aldo Bertagnolli is the founder of HON Golf Club. Born in Bolzano, South Tyrol, in 1942 and a former member of Italy’s national ice hockey team, Bertagnolli joined Lufthansa in 1968, took up golf in 1975 and was global sports coordinator for Lufthansa from 1984 to 1997.

During this time, he managed and promoted Lufthansa’s international activities with particular focus on golfing. On behalf of Lufthansa, he was the first in Germany to establish golf as a business platform and customer loyalty instrument in the form of the HON Golf Club.

About Us

The HONourables Business and Lifestyle Network provides members and partners with exclusive tailored contact platforms to expand and manage their personal networks.

These platforms include golf tournaments, golf and business travel, as well as exclusive access to sports and cultural events. In addition to the sports and lifestyle offerings of The HONourables Network, high-profile business formats such as “Share Your Passion” and “Share Your Vision” offer excellent networking opportunities. Together with the exclusive non-profit partner Handicap International, The HONourables support and promote sustainable projects with their format “Share Your Values” and are thinking of the generation of tomorrow with various family programs.

The Founding Board Members are specialists from the fields of sports science, media, communication and consulting. They contribute their expertise and their extensive networking structures, uniting them in The HONourables Business and Lifestyle Network to provide The HONourables members with exclusive access to events designed to expand social contacts and advance knowledge, and to cultural and sports events.

These networks and platforms are added to by The HONourables Ambassadors and Members of the Executive Board, who serve as brand ambassadors throughout Germany’s major cities and act as disseminators and contacts for members and sponsorship partners throughout Austria and Switzerland.

Our Philosophy

In our fast-paced industrialised world, needs and desires can change rapidly within no more than a generation. Yet fundamental values remain constant and form a healthy basis for any venture.

For this reason, The HONourables Business and Lifestyle Network is designed as a multi-channel network, with The HONourables branded entertainment portal at its heart. This portal serves as a communication and information hub for members and also reflects real and experiences activities in the digital world and connects them to selected social media. As a result, all stakeholders benefit from the synergetic effects and common strengths, and the full potential of ideas and strategies is allowed to unfold.

The HONourables Business and Lifestyle Network stands for quality over quantity. It facilitates exclusive networking of a high emotional calibre and quality.

Despite the significance of social media, personal contact remains the barometer of the authenticity, character and credibility of all personalities.

And these personalities are what makes The HONourables so special – the vibrant multi-channel network for a new generation.

The Board

Portrait von: Michael Lohr
Michael Lohr
Präsident / CEO
Portrait von: Sebastian Kirschvink
Sebastian Kirschvink
Portrait von: Yollanda Lohr
Yollanda Lohr

The HONourables Heads & Ambassadors

Portrait von: Günter Behringer
Günter Behringer
Head of HONourables Executives
Portrait von: Gert Pfannenstiel
Gert Pfannenstiel
Head of HONourables Business Members
Portrait von: Corina Jebens
Corina Jebens
Head of HONourables Women
Portrait von: Felix Kerger
Felix Kerger
Head of Young Elite Deutschland
Portrait von: Gregor Petereder
Gregor Petereder
Head of HONourables & Young Elite Austria
Portrait von: Hubertus tho Rahde
Hubertus tho Rahde
Ambassador Munich
Portrait von: Florian von Loebenstein
Florian von Loebenstein
Ambassador Munich
Portrait von: Tino Barth
Tino Barth
Ambassador Berlin
Portrait von: Xiaofei Sui
Xiaofei Sui
Ambassador Hamburg
Portrait von: Frederik Nelting
Frederik Nelting
Ambassador Köln/Bonn
Portrait von: Alex Boss
Alex Boss
Ambassador Liechtenstein
Portrait von: Jürgen Hepp
Jürgen Hepp
Ambassador Swiss
Portrait von: Mark Stevenson
Mark Stevenson
Golf Ambassador
Portrait von: Thomas Schiffelmann
Thomas Schiffelmann
Share Your Values exklusive partner